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Monday, January 30, 2006

Google Will Rule the World 

I read somewhere once that women are much more likely to remember their dreams than men. This seems very true to me, because, sadly, I remember very few of mine. Although I know I do dream, most nights I can't remember even a sparse detail of one. The other morning however, for whatever reason (maybe partially due to stomach flu induced hysteria), I was able to remember most of one dream. I've jokingly blogged several times about how "Google will rule the world", but the other night I dreamt that they actually did.

In my dream, my wife and I had to discovered that some of the folks at Google had secretly invented Google Time during their 20% of fun time... it was a time machine. On a small side note, my wife was really hot, and pretty damn smart too as you'll later discover. This is why I wish I remembered more of my dreams.

Anyway, back to my story. I don't really remember how we discovered their time machine, nor how we gained access to the Google Time link, but we did just in time (maybe it was Slashotted). During much of the dream, my wife Natalie (which is strange since I've never even dated a Natalie, nor do I know a Natalie) and I traveled back in time after various Google henchmen, attempting to thwart their efforts at world domination through the manipulation of history.

I remember feeling very frustrated, because for every move we made to stop Google, they simply went back in time a little further and made another more diabolical move which made things worse, and gave Google more power. Totally exasperated, I finally said to Natalie, "Is this just how its going to be? Are we just going to keep going back and forth in a never ending struggle which we just can't win?!"

That's when she looked at me and smiled. "Maybe not. I have an idea" With that, we went back in time to the early days of Google, and told our earlier selves to invest in this tiny startup company. When we returned back to our time, we were on the board of Google, there was no such thing as Google Time, we were rich, and I woke up.

The only downside to the dream was we never got the chance to have sex. I guess we were a typical married couple.


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