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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Brief Lesson in Thermodynamics for the Employees of Noodles and Company 

First some basic facts for our lesson:
  1. Pesto Cavatappi is a heated pasta dish.
  2. Flat bread acts as insulator.
  3. Heat rises.
  4. Butter melts at a temperature between 90 - 95 F.
  5. Melted butter is very messy, and tends to drip out of foil packaging all over your table and clothes.
From these basic facts, it should be easy to see, that when you have a heated pasta dish at the bottom of a bag, place a solid butter packet on top of that, and finally top it off with flat bread, the butter will be melted by the time the entire apparatus gets to its final destination.

As a small aside, it is not fun to try to explain to your coworkers why you have a creamy white stain on the front of your pants.


When you've got them up to speed on that one can you come over to the deli at the Piggly Wiggly and explain the incompressability of liquids to them. 2.145 inches of potato salad in a two inch dish means a disaster for the lid.

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