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Sunday, October 23, 2005

No Ghostly Conversations This Week 

People were starting to think strange things about me after reading my blog, and seeing me talk to dead people. I reported earlier how the Chiefs had to go down to Miami on Friday on short notice due to Hurricane Wilma (which now isn't expected to make landfall until Monday). For the first time in NFL history, a team traveled and played on the same day. It's also the first time that the Chiefs have played on a Friday since the NFL/AFL merger. They flew down to Miami, rested in the hotel for a couple hours, then went to the stadium, put on their gear, and kicked ass.

Unfortunately for yours truly, the game wasn't televised. In fact, my usual internet radio feed was in pretty bad shape as well, cutting in and out pretty often. As I understand it, the electrical systems at the stadium were in bad shape. The communications between the Chiefs booth and the field weren't really working at all... and in fact... the windows in the Chiefs booth kept fogging up making it almost impossible to see the field.

None of that mattered. The offense played very well. They had some bad series here and there, but once they got into a good rhythm... they were practically unstoppable. I was most impressed with how Trent spread the ball around. Boerigter (or as my friend Josh and I call him.... White Guy) had a number of great catches. They even got the ball to Jason Dunn for more than 40 yards... and he's a blocking tight end. Chris Horn saw some great action, as did Kennison and Gonzalez, not surprising anyone. They've also finally found out how to use Dante Hall effectively. For the past couple years, he has been the star kick returner... but they would also put him in a few offensive series. It seemed like they would only ever use him on some strange trick play, or a reverse. Opposing defenses would see it coming a mile away, and would usually nail him in the backfield. Now they're using him like a more typical receiver... but utilizing his speed, and his ability to hide in a defense because of his relatively small size... and its working.

The defense is also coming together much better. They're able to stop the run much more effectively, and there is an aggressiveness now that hasn't been there in some time. The killer is still the big pass plays. Every game has featured some sort of failure to stop one or two big passing plays for major yards, and usually a touchdown. It almost cost them the Redskins game last week, and the end of the Dolphins game features some big plays as well, that if started earlier in the fourth quarter could have made the game much closer.

Special teams also needs a lot of work. The penalties that are occurring during kick returns are much too costly. Almost every great return by Dante is being called back because of some sort of illegal block in the back. The special teams coaches have to work on that with the players. Are any of them reading this? Probably not... but its still cathartic to say.

And now the team has an extra long week to prepare for their next game against San Diego. Not too bad eh?


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