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Thursday, October 20, 2005

How to Communicate Effectively In One Simple Word 


I know its a difficult concept for many to understand. After all, what exactly is brevity? Is it simply using the fewest words possible in order to communicate a thought to another individual? Is it only about economy of language? There's nothing worse than someone droning on and on, repeating the same concepts over and over again, just using different words or phrases repeatedly. And then when people start doing that, they tend to lose their train of thought completely and break off into wild tangents.

Speaking of which, I was driving last night, and happened to cross a bike path in a very dimly lit area. The only way I knew there was a bike path there was because of the reflective sign of the kid with the bike on it. Suddenly on the side of the road, at the opening of the bike path, in the wash of my headlights, was a fairly large doe. I slowed down considerably in case it decided to bolt across the road, and we just ended up staring at each other as I slowly rolled by. Then about a half mile up the road I saw a deer crossing sign and thought to myself, "Damn jay walker."

Anyway... brevity. It seems like some people just like to hear themselves speak, and so will go on and on at length about any topic that comes across their mind. Of course on a blog, it's not about hearing yourself speak. Is there an equivalent type of person who just likes the sound of their own keyboard as their fingers dance on the keys? Or is it about a type of person who likes to read their own thoughts on the screen, mesmerized by what they view as poetry for all to see? I wonder if those types of people exist? I sure would like to meet one someday.

So in one simple word... it's all about brevity.


For the longest time I thought that that old maxim was "Beverly is the soul of wit." Did wonders for my ego. By the way, did you notice that my name's an adverb?...damn pedestrians. I hate being a pedestrian sometimes, since the drivers are so bad here. Almost got run over again today on the way to work - some guy stopped to wave me by and the car behind his passed him on the right. Sheesh. That's why I call it my "baby sea turtle commute." I like turtles, you know - as a result, people send me all sorts of turtle knicknacks. Sigh...brevity is the soul of wit. Not Beverly.

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