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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

How to Destroy a Radio Station in One Easy Step 

Name your station The Hog. Of course as soon as you do anything so stupid, you're then compelled to put hog noses on area people, have pictures on your website of pigs holding cell phones, and use hog snorting sound effects on the air. Not only that, but they've also "expanded their playlist" to include aging rock that frankly I hate listening to, and cut back on the newer rock I enjoy. So I guess that means I'll be listening to 102.9 even less than I did.

I'm going to be genuinely curious to see what happens to 102.9 FM's listener share in the next few months. What was Lazer 103 was the number 2 preset on my radio in my car, right behind Rock 102.1... now Milwaukee's Alternative Station. 102.1 made the switch a few months ago, but thankfully they just changed their name a little, and not their playlists, or come up with some insanely idiotic marketing concept that uses farm animals to try to attract listeners. Milwaukee may be in the middle of farm country, but we're pretty damn urban. In fact, the areas of the state that actually have farms generally don't pick up the Milwaukee FM stations too well.

I suppose plenty of people will still listen to them in the morning for Bob & Brian... but I'm actually a Bob & Tom fan, so nothing has changed there. But I have a feeling that plenty of people will switch off The Hog as soon as Bob & Brian is over in the morning.


Actually, the whole point to the format change is that everyone does turn off 102.9 after Bob & Brian. This is basically an attempt to keep some of those listeners. The big problem this will cause is not a drop in total market share, but a severe drop in the lower half of the all-important 18-34 demographic. I'm actually expecting the total market share to either remain the same or rise slightly.

  Posted at September 07, 2005 10:34 PM by Anonymous Anonymous  
Well then its not surprising that I feel the way I do... as I fit squarely in the middle of that 18-34 demographic group.

  Posted at September 08, 2005 6:49 AM by Blogger Nick  
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