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Friday, September 02, 2005

Beware of Ravenous Kittens 

The first thing I thought of when I read this:

North Koreans are flocking to their capital for a rare chance to view performances of a mass gymnastics event that is the highlight of government propaganda efforts aimed at inspiring support for the Kim dynasty.

Some 300,000 people have traveled on special trains and buses to watch what the North calls a "mass game" that opened Aug. 15 on the 60th anniversary of Korea's liberation from Japan's colonial rule.

With 100,000 performers, the event features synchronized acrobatics against the backdrop of an entire side of a stadium being used as a mosaic where children turn colored pages in books to form giant pictures and animation.

Was this. It hasn't been confirmed whether Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon or any other members of FAG were present. The half time of the performance did feature Kim Jong Il in a stunning performance:

I'm so Ronery
So ronery
So ronery and sadry arone
There's no one
Just me onry
Sitting on my rittle throne
I work very hard to be number one guy
but, stiwr there's no one to right up my rife
Seems rike no one takes me serirousry
And so, I'm ronery
A rittle ronery
Poor rittle me

There's no one I can rerate to
Feewr rike a biwd in a cage
It's kinda siwry
but, not reawry
because, it's fiwring my body with rage
I'm the smartest, most crever, most physicawry fit
but, none of the women seem to give a shit
Maybe someday, they'wr awr notice me
And untiwr then, I'wr be ronery
Yeah, a rittle ronery
Poor rittle me...


HA HA! I have to apoligize, as I have not checked your blog in a few weeks, and I come back to find a post that involves 'Team America'. Well done!


  Posted at September 03, 2005 3:47 AM by Blogger Kuflax  
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