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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just Give Damnit 

The usual suspects are complaining about response, or the perceived lack thereof from other countries in the aftermath of Katrina. Some of it may be deserved, much of it is not, and is really just from a lack of research. Personally who cares. This country is huge, and a great source of wealth and more importantly generosity. So just give, and quit complaining about how others don't. The only thing you can control is you!

With that said, Boots & Sabers has a great roundup of corporations that are generously donating. The Journal also has a list of local companies that are doing great, and local National Guard members are mobilizing to head south also.

WTMJ4 has a local telethon going right now if you would rather phone in a pledge. You can call (414) 967-5417 to donate. You can also see a pretty comprehensive list of places to donate on Instapundit and at the Truth Laid Bear. I'd also suggest again that if you write a check to a major charity (like the Red Cross), that you write Katrina on it. This makes sure that it goes specifically to that, and doesn't end up in a general pool. If you'd to participate, the Volokh Conspiracy has a matching challenge going out you can participate in, and has already raised an impressive amount of money.

Government help is all well and good, but it is the private generosity of regular people that really can make a quick and decisive difference. So just give damnit.

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