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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Two Things You Can Do To Help 

In the wake of the horrible destruction wrought by Katrina, there are two things, and two things only that you can do:
  1. Help. Either by giving of your time, money or much needed supplies.

  2. Shut The Fuck Up.
I'm sick and tired of hearing all of the finger pointing, the second guessing, the mud slinging. Bill O'Reilly has really shown what an ignorant asshole he is... as have many of the left wing maniacs, and the right wing whack jobs for that matter too.

I've already bitched about how some people have gone off the deep end with the crazy things that they think caused Katrina. What I'm sick of now are all the people who are already trying to cast blame for the "slow response" to Katrina. Was Bush to blame? Was the Gov. of Louisiana to blame? Was the Mayor of New Orleans to blame? I'm not going to answer those questions. I'm not going to post articles talking about the different theories and espousing one over the other like I might normally do.

I was at a family barbecue this weekend, and just sat in befuddled shock as some of my family went on and on about who was to blame, who wasn't to blame, and who was to blame for wrongly blaming others. I just sat there shaking my head. There will be plenty of time later to sift through the details of the response and figure out how things could have been done differently. Now is not that time. Arson investigators don't go into a house until the fire is out for good reason. The important thing to first concentrate on is putting out the fire, then you figure out how it got started. Now is the time to concentrate on helping those who were displaced by the hurricane, rescue those who are still trapped, and to help put people's lives together. The fire isn't out yet.

Casting blame on the Gov. Of Louisiana won't rescue someone from their attic. Bitching about President Bush won't provide water to someone who is thirsty. Talking about how the Mayor of New Orleans broke down won't put a roof over someone's head. So either do something truly constructive, or shut your God damn trap!


Hear Hear. Exactly how I've been feeling, which is why I ripped into Michael Moore on Sam's site. It's just disguisting this entire blame game.

  Posted at September 07, 2005 10:03 AM by Anonymous MrBig  
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