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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Words for the Day 

Today's news is chalk full of words that need to be defined again for people. First we have this story on the front page of the Journal with the headline of "Human smuggling reveals border flaws":

Pipelines for terrorists
Lebanese human-smuggling ring reveals border weaknesses

Tijuana, Mexico - The men flocked to the café under the sign with the cedar tree, symbol of their Mideast home. In this alien borderland, it was the beacon that led them to an Arab "brother" who would help them complete their journey from Lebanon into the United States.

They would come to find Salim Boughader Mucharrafille - the café owner who catered to some of Tijuana's more affluent denizens, including workers at the U.S. consulate. His U.S. customers were unaware that the boss of La Libanesa café ran a less-reputable business on the side.

Until his arrest in December 2002, Boughader, a Mexican of Lebanese descent, smuggled about 200 Lebanese compatriots into the United States, including sympathizers of Hezbollah, designated a terrorist organization by U.S. authorities. One client worked for a Hezbollah-owned television network, which glorifies suicide bombers and is, itself, on a U.S. terror watch list.

Let's look up the word "reveal" shall we?

To make known (something concealed or secret)

Anyone who thought that the borders were secure until they read that article... please email me... I have a bridge to sell you. I'm always amazed at how people seem to think that border security is racist, or just plain wrong, when it's "only" the poor Mexicans who come across, but that we need to put up a wall when we find a couple terrorists. You can't have it both ways folks.

In other news... it's a sad day for my Kansas City Chiefs. Hall of Fame coach Hank Stram died at age 82. Anyone who has enjoyed NFL Films will surely remember this quote from Stram during Super Bowl IV against the Vikings:

Let's matriculate the ball down the field, boys.

Of course... matriculate really means:

To admit or be admitted into a group, especially a college or university.

Rest in peace old friend... you did good... even if your grasp of English was sometimes off. I'm going to have to keep an eye on ESPN Classics tonight, I'm sure they'll replay that classic game soon. It was actually the first time a head coach was wired with a microphone during the game, and he really played it up.


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