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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Phone Condom 

One of the guys at work ordered a cable from somewhere, and this was a "free gift". He brought it in to work so we could all get a good laugh. It's called Safe Guard. I think it's actually made by the same guys who write the spam email I get from time to time. It's basically a little thing that you put over the ear piece of your phone, which is supposed to keep away electromagnetic waves.

Notice the Norma first graph. I'm quite impressed at the 50dB reduction that this little piece of nothing is supposed to produce. Does the military know of this technology?

And the thermal image proves what? That the middle picture is of someone in a cold room? Personally, I'd think a red graph would be a bad thing, and that the cold graph would be the one blocking the radiation... apparently I'm over thinking this too much.

I will quote some of the more notable things you may not see from the pictures (and believe me... these are not my gramatical goofs):

Electromagnetic Waves Can be harful to health
  • Cellular phones generate Electromagnetic Waves that are transmitted directly from our ear to the brain.
  • Frequent use over an extended period of time can be hazardous to one's HEALTH.
  • It made of special ceramics and conductive materials to absorb and eliminate harmful electromagnetic waves.
  • Which can seperate 99% protection rate against the Electromagnetic Waves.

And here are the directions on use:
  • Clean the surface to paste the Safe-Guard and check the position
  • Take off the sheet of paste
  • Paste on the receiver part
  • Suitable for all handphones

So here's my question... how many people would actually buy into this?


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