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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Embracing My Inner Geek 

A couple weeks ago when I went to Devil's Lake for some R&R with my friend Nicole, she shocked me on the drive up. How you ask? She called me... get this... a jock. I didn't know how to react. I don't think I've ever been referred to as a jock in my entire life. Even today, I don't think I would classify myself that way, but she said it none the less.

Now then, I think I'm a pretty cool guy. In fact, I don't think upon a first look, someone would think I'm a geek either. Still, I'm a Software Engineer, smart, etc. So when I got home from Devil's Lake, I decided I needed some sort of outward symbol that I could put on that would declare my geek half to the world. So I headed off to ThinkGeek to see if there was something I could get that would allow me to proclaim my non-jockness. I found this t-shirt and immediately bought it... and it finally arrived today.

Maybe it was a slight over reaction to something that was actually very complimentary, but... it's still a very cool t-shirt. Granted I'm in pretty good shape, and I do triathlons... but a jock? Can you be both a geek and a jock, or will the two halves of myself pull endlessly at each other, eventually ripping me in two? Hmmm, I guess I am a geek.


Hrmm....personally, I think the term 'geek' is far more flattering than 'jock'.

Go for the geek factor :)

  Posted at August 10, 2004 8:35 PM by Blogger Monica White  
you are training for a triathalon...but you don't see how you'd be a jock?? i think that men who think they are geeks, but are really not....or so hot!! I'm not comming on to you or anything....but it makes me think you are hot!!!!

  Posted at August 11, 2004 5:46 AM by Blogger miss macy  
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