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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Remember the Funny Pages? 

So I was paging through the Sunday paper this morning, and I'll admit, although I'm 25, I still read the comic section. Remember when the Comic Section was called the funny pages? So first, I'm greeted by this Boondocks strip (no pun intended).

Now I'm really not a fan of Boondocks anyway... I really don't get it most of the time. This was way over the top. Now the upper left hand corner says that the author is vacationing at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and that this is a paid political advertisement. Obviously nobody vacations at Gitmo, but was this a paid advertisement? I'm curious. John Edwards may be a decent looking guy, but I really don't think he's that ripped either. Either way, this doesn't belong in a Comic Section.

But that wasn't the last of it... because on the last page was this Doonesbury:

I've personally gotten sick and tired of the political garbage that Doonesbury has been putting out week after week, but this is also way over the top, even for him. How about this Gary Trudeau, you arrogant %!@#*!, if you're going to day dream in an effort to make the world a better place, why the hell don't you day dream about Al Qaida not crashing planes into the World Trade Center killing thousands of innocent Americans? Why don't you day dream away terrorism in the world? But no, according to you the real evil is President Bush, and according to the last frame, the parents of... well... the parents of some random kids? Would those be the parents of soldiers fighting for your safety? I think you need to put things in perspective... and if you want to draw political cartoons, that's what the editorial section is for.

The comic section is supposed to be funny.

Update: On a somewhat related note... Republican parents are now feeling the need to use their children as political display boards (the link has a photo). Of course, I'm sure you can find some good Democraticly leaning t-shirts as well if you're so inclined.


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