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Monday, February 27, 2006

Everyone Can Agree on a Dog Movie 

Nicole: So what's your movie list look like?
Me: I'm not up on all the latest movies out, so I figured we could go down your list and see if there's anything I like.
Nicole: That's what we did last time when my first suggestion was Good Night and Good Luck, and you said "I have absolutely no desire to see that movie, ugh."
Me: I don't think I objected that emphatically to that movie. [Ed. Note: Even though I actually did, and damn, she does a pretty good Nick impression] Well, I figure the Pink Panther is on your list since I know you love Steve Martin.
Nicole: Yeah, and I also thought Eight Below looked good.
Me: Actually that looks pretty good... let's do that one.
Nicole: Don't forget, unlike Mystery Alaska, this is a Disney Movie, so you should already know what the ending is. [Ed Note: "The Mystery Alaska Incident" is now infamous between us... I'll probably have to blog about that one some time.]

So long story short, we went and saw Eight Below. Breathtaking, yet also desolate scenery... something for the ladies... something for the guys... beautiful dogs... tear jerking scenes... heart warming ending. What more could you ask for? Highly recommended.

My one critique would be Jason Briggs. Yeah, he was funny in American Pie... but really overacted his part in this movie, and seemed out of place here. He was purely there as comic relief, which I guess was probably a needed element. Along the same veins, I actually think Paul Walker's character was a little underacted. I think this was actually done on purpose though, given who the intended audience was.

If I can make one suggestion though... since it is a PG rated movie, go to an evening show when there are likely fewer kids. Nothing worse than having a couple kids behind you whining and kicking your seats, with parents who don't actually control their children. Going to an earlier show so we could go to Elsa's afterwords made sense at the time, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.


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