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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bad Gifts for Men 

I'm not big into gift exchanging or returning. For one, it seems kind of insulting to the giver, and two... it takes too much time an energy for me. You have to get the receipt, go to the store (which is often times one I don't like), decide on something else you want from that store you don't like, yada yada. This of course is why gift cards are so great... as long as they're to a store you really like. With that said though, there are two gifts I will almost always return... watches and wallets. I'm a one watch, one wallet sort of guy. I do own more than one watch... I have a Timex Ironman that I wear most days (replaced for the newer model every couple of years), and a very nice "dress watch" which I got as a graduation gift several years ago.

The watch and the wallet are both things that I use every single day, and many times a day. While some people may look at that fact, and say to themselves "What a great gift idea... he'll use it every day!"... stop thinking that way right now. Because I use these items every day, that means that I'm actually going to be extremely picky about what it looks like, exactly what features it has (wallets have features?), and how it feels. The sad fact, is that you'll probably pick wrong... and I hate returning things. In my life, I have only had one daily wear watch, and one wallet gift ever work out. Not that any of you were thinking of buying me anything... I just thought I'd throw it out for your collective knowledge.


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