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Monday, January 16, 2006

Are You Kidding Me?! 

All I can say is, I'm glad I don't live in Virginia, where people like this somehow find a way to be elected to their legislature. Once again, we have a member of government trying to insert government regulation where it has no God damn business:

A Virginia delegate speaks out about his proposal to make it illegal for unmarried women to have babies through medical technology.

Of course... when legislators come out with bills like this... for some reason they feel the need to make even more of ass out of themselves, and make terrible comparisons to criminals or murderers, which have absolutely no bearing on the truth:

"And to say women are desperate for this, well Al Capone was desperate for money..just being desperate doesn't mean you have a right to anything period," says Delegate Bob Marshall (R, 13th district, Prince William, Loudoun).

Why stop there, isn't there a comparison to Hitler you can make? But wait... it gets even better. This esteemed gentleman from Virginia kept right on talking (much to his detriment):

Bob Marshall says single women who deliberately have children without fathers are selfish, because they're putting their needs first.

"My dad's name is donor, okay, no kid wants that. They want a relationship with a real person, someone to hold their hand," Marshall said.

Marshall says without that emotional connection, children are more prone to psychological and financial problems. But more importantly, according to Marshall, it's a child's natural right to know its father, which he says is more important than a woman's biological needs.

Sort of a catch 22 isn't it Bob? You see, if these women don't satisfy their selfish biological needs, there won't be a child whose natural rights can be violated. So what is his solution for single women who want to have a baby, according to the great and powerful Bob?

"Don't tell me that these women are desperate, well if you're desperate then get married...look go out and even...find a man," Marshall said.

This man (and I am ashamed to even call him such)... you know what... there are no polite words to describe this person. H/T to The Agitator.


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