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Monday, January 16, 2006

Nick: On Religion 

Part of an ongoing conceptual series where I take on various deep and meaningful topics.

Do you think Jesus had a sense of humor? I bet he was one of those guys with the real subtle, dry sense of humor. You know, the guy who makes a joke that at first you don't realize he even told it, and then a minute later it hits you.

Judas: My Lord, it certainly is hot out here.
Jesus: Yes it is my son. But just wait a few years... then you will know what true heat feels like.
Judas: Will I be sent on a mission up into the deserts my Lord?
Jesus: No my son. You will definitely be down somewhere, not up.
Judas: ...
Jesus: ...
Judas: Hold on. Down somewhere?!
Jesus: Heh.
Judas: My Lord?
Jesus: ...
Judas: Jesus?! Come one now... you and me buddy.

Have you ever tried to discuss God's sense of humor with someone who is pretty religious? They almost always take offense at the mere suggestion, as if its somehow disrespectful. Why is that? Laughter is one of our greatest gifts... one of our greatest qualities. After all... if God gave his only son such important gifts as unconditional love, and forgiveness... then why not humor and laughter? If there is a God... he sure as hell has to have a sense of humor. How else do you explain me?


The platypus. All you need to prove there is a god, and he's messing with us.

  Posted at January 19, 2006 1:00 AM by Blogger Aaron  
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