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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Winning at all Costs 

Drudge has a report that the Democratic National Committee and the Kerry/Edwards campaign are going to make accusations of voter intimidation and fraud even where there is no evidence:

The Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee are advising election operatives to declare voter intimidation -- even if none exists, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.

A 66-page mobilization plan to be issued by the Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee states: "If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a 'pre-emptive strike.'"

There are links to a scanned DNC document giving ways to do this as well. Hat tip to the VodkaPundit who is pissed (and I mean pissed)... and rightfully so:

To these guys, winning office is more important than the sanctity of elections. Holding power is more important than the Constitution. Much as I despise at least half of what most Republicans stand for, they don't seem nearly as willing to trash the system they're trying to run. Too many Democrats, especially at the national level, just don't care that our system, our nation is far more important than any single election.
I'm just one guy; I don't expect my vote to mean much. But the Democrats are willing to treat my vote - in advance - with feigned contempt. So I can't, in return, treat the Democrats with anything less than genuine contempt.

Read the whole thing as they say. Personally I kinda figured that this would happen, just not in this organized kind of way. I never thought that the DNC or the Kerry/Edwards campaign would actually come out and say... come on, let's do this. I figured that here or there would be some individuals, or local campaign chairs that might pull this shit. I suppose some might say that John Kerry doesn't want to do this, it's his campaign staff. I personally say that John Kerry is the President of his staff, and you take responsibility for your own campaign. So I make the assumption that John Kerry approves that message. And if he doesn't, the sooner he comes out and denounces it, and orders his campaign to stop those activities the better.

Huh... really doesn't take much to get my political juices flowing again after all... just something more interesting than a boring debate.


The Republicans do the same thing. It's called the Presidential Election of 2000.
If they make the accustation then there will be an investigation. How does that hurt other than possibly waste money and time? At least we will be sure in the knowledge that everything was legit. Besides there are probably filing deadlines for such legal action and it is more a of a shoot first produce documents later approach. As for Kerry being responsible, absolutely. But why is it that you can't seem to hold George Bush accountable for anything his staff does. You know like devulge identies of CIA field agents or double agents in ongoing operations? Old Georgey always seems to get a pass on responsibility. Isn't about time we stopped lowering the bar just so George can get by? I don't defend the Dems for what they are doing(assuming that they are actually doing anything) but the justification for your outrage doesn't seem to translate to your team. I would deem treason as a higher offence than unnecessary legal filings. You always seem to treat George Bush like he arrived to the White House on the "short bus" wearing a helmet so he doesn't fall and hurt himself. I mean sure he was almost taken out by a pretzel but it was a tough pretzel and the Secret Service wrestled it to the ground before any real damage was done. C'mon man, he's the freakin POTUS. He oughta meet the same standards as any other adult.

  Posted at October 18, 2004 5:57 AM by Blogger Shannon McCoy  
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