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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debate Round Up 

I have to admit that I've gotten a little burned out as far as political blogging goes. When it comes to my blogging habits, I find that I do topics in spurts. Sometimes I mostly blog some personal items, then I switch to a lot of technical topics, then I'm suddenly juiced about something political. Between the last few days of political/philosophical topics, and the heated debates with my brother Shannon... I got wiped.

So when it came to last night's third and final debate... I didn't even bother. Frankly I couldn't even fathom the thought of watching those guys give their mini stump speeches. Call me a bad American, or an uniformed voter if you want... I just couldn't handle it. Luckily for me... lots of other people were watching last night. So if you're interested, here's a blogger's roundup. By the way, in case you're interested... I spent the night catching up with friends... never a bad way to spend an evening.

Stephen Green drunk blogged the debate last night... yet was somehow amazingly coherent. His final thoughts can be found here:

Winner: John Kerry, for being the debating machine he is. There's just no ruffling the guy.

Winner: George W. Bush, for at least looking like a real human being and a good "soundbite" performance.

Loser: Bob Shieffer, for running the least interesting, least structured, least fair, and probably least watched Presidential debate since the invention of the magic picture box.

Protein Wisdom thinks Kerry will say anything to get a vote... I've known that for a long time.

The Blog Father (InstaPundit) has a whole slew of comments... just go there and scroll. Among them is this comment on Iraq:


He has some final closing thoughts on the debate here:

Again, not bad for Kerry, but Bush is at the top of his game here at the end. He's still no Ronald Reagan, but he's good -- much better than at the beginning or in the earlier debates. If he'd been like this in the first debate he'd be up by 10.

The ever beautiful economist blogger Virgina Postrel shares her comments here.

A number of people have comments on Kerry talking about Mary Cheney (Dick's lesbian daughter) being a low blow. Glenn Reynolds also points to the Gay Patriot site which asks why the Democrats are so fixated on her. I tend to ask the same question... It's not like she's out actively campaigning. If she were, then I would say fair game. But all she's really done is show up and support her dad a couple times. Is the fact that you happen to be the daughter of a politician enough to make you a target like this?

Huh... for someone who says he's drained of politics... this was a long post.


Duh! It's because the ticket is actively supporting discriminating against gays in the freakin Constitution! What better point can be made than when the Darth Vader of Neo-Conservatism himself doesn't support the position when it effects his family. That's the whole problem with this platform it's always okay to legistlate someone else's rights away when it doesn't effect you. It's spelled FLIP FLOP

  Posted at October 18, 2004 6:04 AM by Blogger Shannon McCoy  
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