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Friday, October 08, 2004

My Head Hurts 

Thanks to Ann Althouse for this link to a NY Times Article where way at the very very bottom, where almost nobody will see it, they quote John Kerry as saying that:

"The president and I have the same position, fundamentally, on gay marriage. We do. Same position."

Tack this onto the list of John Kerry flip flops. Personally I think gay marriage ought to be legal. I also know that most people (no matter what political persuasion) don't share my view. Historically, culturally, politically, allowing gay marriage is a major shift. So thinking that people will just jump on board immediately given all that history is pretty unrealistic. These things take time. Kerry realizes where the majority of people actually stand on this issue and so he's doing what he always does. He's changing his view to be popular just before an election. Who knows where he'll stand if he actually wins.

I also think that given Kerry's new view (or his old view... whatever), that calling groups like the Log Cabin Republicans finks, deserters, or whatever is pretty cheap. Hell, now if you're gay and you're a John Kerry supporter I guess you're a fink and a deserter too. That's why the NY Times buried that quote. Heaven forbid that one issue voters know where Kerry stands on their one issue. Kerry supporters want you to go on believing that he'll push for gay marriage rights if elected.

At the very least John... pick a position and go with it. All this moving around is seriously giving me a headache.


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