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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A to Z 

Recently I've noticed something that I never intended when I named my blog. I've noticed on the few other blogs (*sigh* it is a few) that choose to link to me... that I always end up being on the bottom of the list. Damn that alphabetical order... it will be the end of me yet! Maybe if people would list my blog as "Nick, The World According To" I would feel better. What was I thinking when I stuck a W in the front?

Speaking of alphabetical order... one of these years I think it would be fun for hurricanes to be named starting at Z, instead of A. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Hurricane Zachary for once? What about Tropical Storm Yolanda, or Hurricane Xavier? I'm not saying it would be easy, or you could do it for a lot of years in a row, but I bet if we all put our heads together for a while, we could come up with a couple years worth of X, Y and Z names. Q... now Q might be tough... but I believe in you my loyal (and few) readers.

Now then, this won't improve my standing in hurricanes, for N is right in the middle of the alphabet (although I would be one letter closer). Apparently there was a Hurricane Nicholas in 2003, but it just sat in the middle of the Atlantic where nobody paid much attention to it, then it just fizzled out. Hopefully this won't be an allegory for my blog.

Speaking of hurricanes, it's raining right now. I can smell it through the window... and hear that soft pattering outside. We haven't had a lot of rain here lately, and I've missed it. So... let's get it out of the area before my race on Sunday. I do not want to do Devil's Challenge in the rain again.

Update: Intellicast is forecasting sunny and upper 70's for Sunday now. A couple days ago they had big ole rain clouds everywhere for Sunday. Let's hope it stays sunny.


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