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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Careful with that 2nd Punch 

Well it's football season again... I watched pieces of the Monday Night Football game last night with the Packers beating the Panthers. I was heart broken Sunday Night when the Chiefs lost to the Broncos. But, this really isn't about football. It's about politics (duh). What dawned on me watching these football games is how the Kerry campaign people and his supporters must not watch football, otherwise they would have learned a very important lesson. Don't throw the second punch!

If you're a sports fan you've probably seen it. Two guys after the play get into a shouting match. In an angry fit of rage, one guy hits the other. Then, in retaliation, the second guy hits him back. Who gets the penalty? From my experience, 9 times out of 10, it's the second guy. Usually the referee isn't paying very close attention during the argument, but might see a flash of something which gets his attention. But by the time he turns, the first blow has already landed and he only gets to see the second.

What have we seen with the Kerry vs. Bush shouting match lately? The "Bush Folks" as I'll call them (his campaign plus the few 527's that want him in) exposed some discrepancies with Kerry's service record. Alright, we'll call that the first punch. Then the "Kerry Folks" (his campaign, a whole lot of 527's, and apparently CBS) turn around and come up with some issues against Bush's National Guard record. The second blow. Who's taken more of a hit from these two blows? I'd submit that Kerry went and got himself a big yellow penalty flag.

Maybe it's because people started paying more attention to these issues, and saw the second blow more than the first. Maybe I'm going too far with this analogy. Maybe they're really not comparable due to the details involving each "punch", but I put it forward as a theory to think about anyway.


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