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Monday, September 13, 2004

Blog Rolling 

Well... I've added a few to the blog roll if you're interested. First of all, this was an exciting weekend traffic wise. Some of the things I had to say about Rather's Memogate mess made it around some of the larger blogs and people took notice. It's kind of cool when people find your blog, read it, and like what they see enough to link to it. Anyway, I got a permanent link on DailyPundit (and I returned the favor). It's always great to have another libertarian take notice (and thanks to VodkaPundit for making it happen)... especially when the resulting link increases your traffic 10 fold.

A while back I happened upon Gideon's Bible, and added her to my blog roll... though I did it rather silently. It's a fun blog from a Denver area writer... and definitely not religious in case the name has you wondering.

I also linked to Rachel Lucas's Blog a while ago silently. Her's is a definite change of pace from the others I read. She's just an angry conservative... and not ashamed to admit it. It's fun to read those once in a while. For some reason I like her writing... even though I can't stand Anne Coulter, despite her great legs. I read Slander a while ago... and found it to be incredibly hypocritcal. She spends the entire book bashing liberals for bashing conservatives. I just shook my head... and had a hard time finishing it. Now I just don't pay attention to Anne. I like honest debate, not mud tossing, which is what Anne does too often.

Also I've still kept the Cleatus Diaries on my list even though it hasn't been updated... practically ever. At this point its more funny than anything else. My one friend who has a blog never updates it... *sigh*. You reading this Russ? Do you even remember your blogger password?

I may not post much the rest of the day... I'm going to be working on a larger post tonight about immigration. If there is anything funny that happens today I will always link to that of course. I'm suddenly realizing that most of the people in my generic blog roll are women... I'm sure that means something... excuse me while I go chew some ice.


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