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Thursday, September 30, 2004

I Got Polled Last Night 

This is not the first time I picked up the phone and ended up answering a political poll. This was the first time however that it took longer than 10 minutes to complete. It was a poll that was geared towards a local state assembly race here in Wisconsin. However, as I got further and further into the poll... I realized that it wasn't really a poll. It was really a sales pitch for the local Republican challenger for the office.

Many of the questions were framed in this sort of way. "On the issue of x, knowing that Democratic incumbent so and so did y, and the Republican candidate so and so would do z, who would you vote for?" Of course what was funny was that the Democratic candidate always seemed to be somewhat evil, and the Republican candidate always had virtuous ideas.

After while I kept expecting to hear... "On the issue of murder, knowing that the incumbent Democrat so and so sacrificed babies on an alter of fire and brimstone, and ate them afterwards, while the Republican challenger so and so thought that babies were cute and should be protected from sacrifice on alters of fire, who would you vote for?"

Exactly how stupid do you think we are?


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