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Sunday, September 26, 2004


Today I went down to the lake front with my bike to go for a long ride. I have to say that it felt great to haul butt so well only a week removed from my last triathlon. I downed a Hammer Gel before I started, and had a sports drink mix that I used in one water bottle during my ride along with regular water. The combination worked well, and I really didn't feel an muscle fatigue.

Ok, enough about me... I have to share this short story about something I saw during the second half of my ride. I was cruising down this long hill in Whitefish Bay when up ahead already at the bottom of the hill I saw a couple riding together one behind the other about to start up the other side. They looked to be in their early 30's and matched perfectly. They were wearing matching riding clothes, matching helmets, and even had matching men's and women's bikes. They were making a good pace for a couple riding. As I zoomed past them up the hill I swear I almost got a cavity from them.

About a mile or so later, I came to a long stop light and was in the left turn lane waiting for the light to change, when the couple came along in the next lane right next to me. I noticed that they were both using clipless pedals and were having some trouble getting disengaged. For those who aren't avid cyclists, clipless pedals are the type where you wear special shoes that engage into the pedal and lock in place. Then to disengage to put your foot down let's say, you have to twist your shoe and it unlocks. They're great once you get used to them, but they do take some getting used to.

So back to the story. As they were coming to a stop, the guy was ahead and trying to disengage his left foot but couldn't. The woman behind was trying to disengage her right foot but couldn't. Like a synchronized ballet, the guy fell down to his left and at almost the same time the woman fell to her right.

I guess couples that dress together and bike together also fall together. It was kind of sweet really. I asked if they were ok and they said yes. So when the light turned green, I took off and started laughing my ass off.


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