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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Could Barely Watch TV Last Night 

Southeastern Wisconsin was hammered by thunderstorms last night, so I could barely watch anything I wanted. Why? Was the power out? Nope. Power stayed on all night. So the cable went out then? Oh no, cable was on the whole time. Oh wait, that's right, there were some tornados in the area, so you must have been taking shelter in the basement. Actually no. The really strong thunderstorms went either north or south of me. For the most part it didn't even rain that much where I live. In fact, I stepped out at one point to see partly cloudy skies while lighting was in the clouds to the north and south. It was kind of cool.

So I don't get it. Why couldn't you watch TV? I was watching some stuff on network TV for a while... but then everybody interrupted their programming so the "Storm Teams" could take over and they could show us the same radar picture over and over and over again. Who wants to watch that? If there were tornados in my area, I'm gonna be in the basement, in which case I'm not going to watch TV anyway! If it's just thunderstorms, then I'm inside and pretty much safe. Watching a radar screen on TV isn't going to keep lightning from striking you know. So then I turned on cable to watch Good Will Hunting (haven't seen it in a while, good movie). Of course, every 5 minutes this stupid blue screen would pop up with annoying blasting noise warning of thunderstorms and tornados. Of course they did this during the movie, never during a commercial somehow, and it lasts forever... much longer than it needs to in order to convey the important information. It seemed like right in the middle of every seen another blaring blue screen would pop up. It was impossible to follow the movie!

I'm all for alerting people to possibly dangerous weather so people can take shelter if needed. But come on folks, let's be reasonable. They've taken this to a really bad extreme. On a totally separate note, does anyone else think that Minnie Driver has the worst British accent ever? And she was born there! How's that possible?


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