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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Free Speech Isn't Free 

It takes work...

From Instapundit comes a link to Operation Tiger Claw. This was a free speech exercise by a high school student. All he tried to do was put up some signs at school that expressed his personal viewpoint. He kept with it, wouldn't relent, and this is his story. It's well worth the read.

And today from The Dynamist is a link to a release regarding a recent California Court of Appeals verdict (which means it will eventually be overturned just like the decisions from their neighbors in the 9th circuit). Anyway... it talks about how the writers of Friends were successfully blocked from using free speech during brainstorming activities because some of the things they said could be construed as sexual harassment. If this is a blockade to free speech, we're in real trouble now.

Isn't it an interesting turn of events how Conservatives have become the real protectors of the First Amendment, while Liberals are its latest enemy?


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