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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Zen of Contracting 

Contracting can be great. The paid overtime is always nice. Of course, I often times get the crap programming tasks that others don't want to deal with. All the regular employees here at my company have to wear these ugly blue polyester uniforms with their name sewn on (seriously, no joking). Contractor don't. It's actually find the whole situation kind of interesting. I think some of the employees feel sorry for me. They think I feel left out because I don't have to dress like an auto mechanic. I love it. Picking out what I'm going to wear is really the first choice I get to make in the morning, and I relish in the ability. I feel sorry for the poor saps in blue.

There are other issues. I have to worry about insuring myself, but that's really no huge thing. I tend to be kept out of the loop a lot more, and don't get invited to a lot of company type events. Then there are times like this. There is a company wide meeting going on right now. The poor employees have to sit through boring talks for about 3 hours, including long drawn out financials. Contractors not allowed. Fine by me. It's amazing how much work I get done during these times. There is a real sense of peace as I look over the cube walls to see absolutely no one.

The Zen of Contracting.


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