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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

An Interesting Question 

Jenna has posed an interesting question over at Right off the Shore.

Someone who opposes the gay marriage ban, please, please, please answer this question.

Why are you so afraid of the people?

It seems as though, if this amendment is such a bad idea, and so discriminatory, and such a detriment to everyone in Wisconsin, the people will vehemently vote it down.

But the anti-Defense of Marriage folks aren't clamoring for the people to vote no on the amendment, they are demanding that the Assembly vote it down. They don't want to give the people a chance to decide for themselves whether they want this in the constitution or not.

For my part, I've responded in her comments with this:

The reason why some people are afraid to let "the people" decide is exactly because its the opposite of what you state there. While it is discriminatory... it's certainly not a detriment to everyone in Wisconsin. And that's the rub.

Frankly I don't have a problem letting it go to a vote. I'd vote against the ban personally because I do think its discriminatory. But then again... I don't have a stake in the outcome. Its easy for me to be sort of blase about the whole issue, take a side, but not really care either way. In the end, if the ban is enacted, it doesn't affect me. I can snap my fingers, say "Oh well", and go on with my life all the same.

Now try to say the same thing if you're gay. Now you have a whole lot of people who aren't affected by a decision will get to decide whether or not you can do something you want to do. Other people can vote their opinion on your life. That's a damn scary thought, and if it were me, I'd be fighting to make sure they couldn't do it either.

So there is my two cents on the topic. If you have some change you'd like throw in on either side, then drop a comment by her. I think it could be an interesting place for a debate.


Excellent observation. Unfortunately, we have three camps. In one camp are people like yourself, and I agree with you. In camp two, gays who will, as you stated, ultimately be affected by this. And in camp number three, homophiles and bible thumpers. Guess which camp will be voting in mass come November? Camp homophile. I honestly think that if you surveyed all eighteen to thirty year olds, they would overwhelmingly oppose this amendment. But they will also be overwhelmingly absent at the voting booth come November.

  Posted at March 01, 2006 9:04 AM by Blogger Curt  
It is a good point and preventing the majority from beating up on a minority is one of the reasons that we have an equal protection clause. (Of course, you could make the same argument against letting "the people" vote for progressive taxation.) But whether it will affect people who are not gay is precisely what needs to be discussed as I explain endlessly at Shark and Shepherd.

  Posted at March 02, 2006 8:51 AM by Blogger Rick Esenberg  
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