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Monday, February 13, 2006

And I Thought I Was The Only One 

Jonah Goldberg is weighing in on Ann Coulter's idiocy (and he's not the only conservative doing this finally):

My "reluctance" to discuss Ann has very little to do with any double standard and more to do with a more general unwillingness to talk about her routine at all. But, even though I think Media Matters is something of a joke, that doesn't mean the point isn't valid. I don't think Ann does anybody but herself any good when she jokes about killing presidents, Supreme Court justices or uses terms like raghead. I don't think she should do it and I don't think conservatives should applaud it. I'm all for shattering the stereotype that conservatives can't tell a joke, but that doesn't mean any joke is worth making just because it gets a laugh (indeed, some jokes shouldn't be made for fear that they will generate a laugh). Regardless, if anyone thinks Ann is going to stop her act simply because she gets heat from the likes of me, they're crazy.

Via VodkaPundit.

To be honest, I thought I was the only "conservative" (and I only use that term because so many people seem to think I'm one) who didn't like Ann Coulter. I finished her book Slander a while ago, and have a bookmark in the middle of How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must). It's been sitting on my book stack half read for a couple of months now. I doubt I'll finish it. I really can't stand Ann Coulter. She does a disservice to conservative thought every time she opens her mouth. About the only thing going for her is her legs. Strangely though, her picture on her website makes her look awful (tired, grainy, leathery). That website is supposed to be for self promotion... right?

Whenever I mention my dislike for Ann to my conservative friends, or my conservative family members (read mother), the conversations always end up being strikingly similar. Here is how that discussion might go with "Conservative Person X":

Conservative Person X: Did you read the latest from Ann Coulter? It was so good.
Me: Actually, I really can't stand Ann Coulter. I don't read anything of hers any more.
CPX: What are you talking about? She's fantastic! Have you read Slander?
Me: That's actually the only book of hers which I've managed to finish. It was terrible, and hypocritical. Throughout the entire book she bashes liberals in a mean spirited way for bashing conservatives in a mean spirited way. Yet somehow she feels justified in doing that, while the other side is always wrong in doing the same thing. Must be nice to think like her.
CPX: That's why she's so great! She takes no prisoners and is unapologetic about it.
Me: So it doesn't matter that she unapologetically takes prisoners, and then yells at the other side for being unapologetic for taking no prisoners?
CPX: You just don't get it Nick. There has to be someone like her out there to counteract all the terrible things the left is saying. That's the only way they'll get it. They'd never listen to someone who was trying to take a reasoned and measured approach to political discourse.
Me: You actually think that the people she screams about would listen to a word she says, and think she's right? What on Earth makes you think she's swaying anyone who hasn't already been swayed? More importantly, doesn't it bother you that she's actually pushing some people away just by being the way she is?
CPX: *chirp* *chirp*
Me: She does have nice legs though.
CPX: So you're willing to listen to her on TV as long as you can see her legs?
Me: Of course not. That's what mute is for.


Ann does publish good columns from time to time. A fair amount of here time, though, is spent over the top.

Check out Sean's The American Mind. He has no use for her and so too do a lot of the commentators. Michelle Malkin also called her out for the comment at CPAC.

BTW, did you know National Review Online dropped her column shortly after 9/11? Her column urged that we conquer the Middle East and christianize the region.

  Posted at February 17, 2006 9:56 AM by Blogger Marcus Aurelius  
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