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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yes... Blogging Has Been Slow 

Call it what you will... end of the year doldrums... blogger burnout... work stress... whatever. I think part of it is simply a lack of surprise at some of the news that is big right now that I would normally blog on.

Iraq had yet another set of successful elections. While many in the MSM are shocked by this, I was not. They've done it before, and they'll do it again. Good for them... but not surprising in my view. Excellent news mind you, but not surprising. Many of my regular blog reads are also not surprised, and instead of blogging about the elections themselves, they're simply griping about the MSM's lack of attention to the elections. That lack of attention is once again, not surprising, and I have a hard time getting myself in a frenzy over it yet again.

The Patriot Act is running into issues being reauthorized. No surprise there. Now they've decided to extend it 6 months as is to give more time for debate over specific measures that are being included. I have a few comments on some of the stuff beginning to creep in... no thanks to my Representative in Congress. More on that later.

Drilling in the ANWR has hit yet another roadblock. No shock there of course, which is an absolute shame. What's also not surprising is that the vast majority of people protesting against drilling in this "pristine" area have never seen it themselves. It's not very pristine from the pictures I've seen. In fact, it looks like an arctic wasteland. I saw drill to your hearts content.

I'm getting a bit of a second wind... and I will have some more substantive comments on some news items making it big. No worries.


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