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Friday, December 16, 2005

Permit Me Please - Therapy Edition 

Having lost yet another weblog award... I might want to consider working through my pain with some form of therapy. Thankfully, I can be assured that no matter what type of therapy I may choose, the State of Wisconsin is protecting me by licensing anyone who even calls themselves any type of therapist.

Art Therapy:

Certificate required for a person to perform specialized, professional and psychotherapeutic use of art media, images, the creative art process, and client responses to the created art production as reflections of an individual's development, abilities, personality, interests, concerns, and conflicts.

If I go to a strip club to cheer myself up... does that mean that the stripper needs an Art Therapy license before performing? Wait... did I just say that? Never mind.

Dance Therapist:

Certificate required for a person to perform the specialized, professional and psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance.

Hmmm... will this mean that anyone performing lap dances will need this license too? Wait... why is my mind stuck in the gutter today?

Divorce Certificate: The only reason I bring this up is because its listed in the category of Health/Medicine. I suppose a lot people who want a divorce would say that it can be therapeutic, so maybe its appropriate.

Massage Therapist or Bodyworker:

Registration required for a person to perform science and healing art that uses manual actions to palpate and manipulate the soft tissue of the human body and includes determining whether massage therapy or bodywork is appropriate or contraindicated, or whether referral to another health care practitioner is appropriate.

Would you like that with, or without, the happy ending?

Music Therapist:

License required for a person to perform the professional, therapeutic use of music in the service to individuals with needs in mental health, physical health, habilitation, rehabilitation, special education, self-care or personal growth. The purpose of music therapy is to assist and empower individuals to attain or maintain their maximum level of functioning and highest quality of life. "Music therapy" may include the use of elements or other art forms.

*blink* We need separate licensing for all of this huh? Aren't music and dance all considered art forms? Couldn't we just roll them all together into one and be done with it? Well... that is if they really need to be licensed at all.

I feel so much more protected now.


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