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Monday, December 12, 2005

Adding Insult to Death 

Let's say a person gets struck by a car while jaywalking. While lying on the side of the road, a witness to the accident, instead of trying to help the critically injured person, steals the person's wallet. The person struck by the car later dies. Would you expect charges against the bystander above and beyond theft? I'm thinking something along the lines of involuntary manslaughter (reckless disregard for human life). Now let's say that the bystander is a cop, and instead of stealing his wallet, he wrote a jaywalking ticket for the man who was struck:

A man who was ticketed for jaywalking after being struck by a car in Washington, D.C., has died.

Police said 73-year-old Charles Atherton, a renowned urban designer and former secretary of the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts, died at a Washington hospital over the weekend.

Witnesses said Atherton was badly injured and lying unresponsive at a busy intersection when an officer issued him the $5 ticket. A police spokesman told The Washington Post the ticket wouldn't have been written if the officer had known Atherton's injuries were life-threatening.

The man laid there unresponsive, and the cop wrote a ticket instead of ohhh... I don't know... performing first aid while an ambulance came? Here is a story with a few more details from a couple weeks ago when it happened. And the department is defending this cop? It shouldn't have mattered whether the cop thought the injuries were life threatening. Even non-life threatening injuries can become so if left untreated. How about stopping bleeding? Trying to prevent shock from setting in? I can think of a half dozen things this cop should have done besides writing a jaywalking ticket. I hope that it was at least the cop who called for the ambulance... otherwise then I'd be really pissed. I'd like to find a story with a few more details on this one. I find it incredibly hard to believe that someone could be so stupid, and I hope this isn't as bad as the story makes it out to be.

H/T to The Agitator for this disgusting display of stupidity.


Think that's bad?

How about the Christian minister in Toronto who protested a gay rights parade from the steps of his own church who was beaten by a crowd from the parade?

The cops showed up at the hospital to arrest him for violating the civil rights of the parade participants. Unfortunately for the cops he had already died.

Their version of the local Attorney General stated he wouldn't prosecute anyone involved in the assault and I have heard that there are folks who have indicated that they heard the AG say in public the minister deserved what he got.

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