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Monday, December 05, 2005

Sitting Pretty 

Now I know I'm not any sort of real football pundit. I have no recollection of useless football statistics like several of my friends. Hell, I can't even tell you the name of any one of the 1972 Miami Dolphins... in fact I had to go on Google to double check the year that the Dolphins went undefeated. Despite all this however, I'm going to make a couple predictions about the fate of the Chiefs this season. With the win over the Broncos yesterday (what was with putting Dee Brown in on 3rd and short in the 4th quarter when we needed that 1st down?)... the Chiefs are the ones in control for a wild card spot, and making some good headway into the playoffs.

If you look at the current wild card race, they're actually on the bubble, with Jacksonville and San Diego currently getting those spots. But this doesn't take into account that San Diego has to come to KC, and that San Diego and KC are currently tied. So... if the Chiefs win, then they're in. Granted, KC has the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL, but San Diego has no easy ride either. Not only do they have to come to Kansas City, but they also have to go to Indianapolis, and host Denver.

On top of all of that, the offensive line is back together again. It still bothers me that one player (Willie Roaf) could make such a difference, but it has. The last two weeks the offense has been clicking on all cylinders. With that said, the playoffs would be no picnic. The Chiefs would likely play Cincinnati (which is pretty underrated), then go to Denver and finally Indianapolis. Not impossible... but no cake walk. Here's to hoping.

And if all that was too boring for you... this week's featured cheerleader is Jackie, who after reading her profile, seems to have a serious tootsie roll addiction. I think she could be their new spokeswoman. Of course, there are worse addictions to have. I say munch away.


Do you think she's ever been in a bar bathroom with another cheerleader?

  Posted at December 06, 2005 12:09 AM by Blogger Sean Hackbarth  
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