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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Every Chance to Win 

All I can say was that the Chief's Sunday loss to Dallas was depressing. They had several chances to win, and several more chances to not lose (and yes, there is a difference). I won't go over the details (you can read a game summary here), but I do have one specific thought and a question.

In a close game, where the outcome will be determined by the last possession in the game, would you rather be the one defending the slim lead, or the one driving for a chance to win it all? I find myself usually wishing my team was the one behind, driving to win it all. I have no idea whether the statistics actually back me up on this belief (in other words this is a gut instinct), but I have a feeling that teams coming behind in close games like that are more likely to win. I also have the feeling that the referees favor those teams as well, especially within that last couple of years.

What has happened in the last couple of years to make a difference? Officials look much more closely at pass interference, and bump and run tactics on corner backs and line backers. It certainly hurt the Chiefs on the last drive where a defensive holding call on 4th and goal pretty much cost them the game. I have to wonder, are the referees more likely to call such a penalty in those situations? Does fortune favor the bold? Is it a vast conspiracy to keep games interesting to promote higher ratings, and keep people watching to the very last second?

I have no idea whether any of this is true, but maybe Lindsay has the best idea. Her motto for life is "Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power." So instead of continuing to dwell on conspiracies and losses, I'll just shut up, and instead realize that the Chiefs are still in the running for a wild card spot (thanks partially to a San Diego loss last week as well).


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