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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another Rather Useless Post 

I realize today that I've been mostly posting strange useless stuff. Yet somehow, these always seem to get the most comments... so I guess I'll stick with it today. Last night I got a strange phone call on my cell phone. When my cell phone rings, I generally answer it. Not many people have my number, so I'm always reasonably sure that even if the caller ID doesn't pop up as someone I know, it probably is someone I know using someone else's phone, and I don't give my number to people I don't want to talk to. If you are reading this... and you don't have my number... that doesn't necessarily mean I don't want to talk to you... just that there's a chance.

Why do so few people have my cell phone number you ask? Back when I was in college... I was pretty much permanently attached to a pager for work. As it turns out... you never get paged with good news. After while, I started calling it my mood changer, because whenever I felt the damn thing vibrate on my belt, I would always get this scowl on my face. Ever since I dumped my pager (and that job), I've always closely guarded my cell phone number. In fact, for a year after quitting that job, I refused to even get a cell phone.

Anyway, back to my story. So I pick up my phone, and see that its a number not in my phone book. I answer it anyway. Suddenly I'm confronted with an automated message... in Spanish... offering a free digital camera if I answer a survey... in Spanish. Are you kidding me?! I hung up the phone rather disgusted... not just at the telemarketer... but also the fact that it was in Spanish. Ugh... at least annoy me in English for God's sake.

And yes... I do speak Spanish... well... a little. I can understand it when spoken to me much better than I speak it.


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