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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What Is That White Crap On The Ground? 

Oh right... snow... and it's actually sticking this time. Didn't anyone get the memo that it's still November? Measurable snowfall isn't supposed to start until December. Who made up that rule you ask? I did! Just like there shouldn't be any Christmas displays in stores until after Thanksgiving, and certainly no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, there shouldn't be any snow until at least after Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, what's up with this radio station starting that music a week early? That's just plain insanity! I'll make sure that they parties involved all get another copy of that memo.

On a somewhat lighter note... I congratulate the people of West Allis for pulling off a Christmas Parade last night (I'm still trying to find an online version of the story). I don't consider this to be an amazing feet because they did it in inclement weather (it wasn't snowing last night)... I consider it amazing because they got away with calling it a "Christmas" parade with signs and everything, unlike Milwaukee which had a Holiday Parade this year. Whether you consider it appropriate to still do that or not is another discussion. I just find it amazing that someone didn't try to take the city to court, that there were no protests, or something. It's almost a holiday miracle.


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