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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is The Chiefs Offense Really That Old? 

The Chiefs offense definitely doesn't have the same spark and power that it had the 3 previous seasons, that's for sure. But are they really that old? That's what most of the sports commentators are saying, including this Kansas City Star article which contends that we'll be seeing a defensive powerhouse in the years to come, and the offense won't have sparkle. I don't buy it. I'm about to blather out a bunch of statistics about some of the players. If this sort of thing doesn't interest you, then I suggest you skip to the end (at least if you're a guy) for something that will.

The entire offense isn't that old... just the offensive line. Willie Roaf (LT) is 35, Casey Wiegmann (C) is 32, and Will Shields (RG) is 34. But also consider that Brian Waters (LG) is only 28, and Jordan Black (RT) is even younger at 25. Take a look at the receiving core too. Eddie Kennison is getting up there at 32, but Sammy Parker is 24, Dante Hall is 27, Chris Horn is 28, and Marc Boerigter (who is way under utilized) is only 27. Granted, the face of the offense is Trent Green, who is 36... but quarterbacks can have much longer careers than your typical offensive linemen. What about running back? Sure Priest Holmes is getting up there, but Larry Johnson is doing fantastically in his place and he's only 26. Tony Gonzalez is only 29, and he's having a pro bowl season again this year with no signs of slowing.

What's my point? The problem isn't the age of the entire offense... just the line. With a few younger and faster guys up front, the entire offense could change back to the way it was. With better pass protection, Trent would have more time in the pocket so he could actually pass effectively again, and Grandmama could get even more yards behind better blocking on the rushing side of things. The offense doesn't need to entirely retool... the playbook is solid. It just needs to take a single play out of the defense's book, and get a couple younger faster guys at the point of attack.

Oh yeah, here is the other thing I promised those of you who didn't want to go through statistics. This week's featured Cheerleader is Lauren. All I can really say is... Yummy. Well, I also have to ask a question. Why is it that all the cheerleader profiles seem to answer the question "My greatest inspiration came from" either "My parents" or "God"/"Jesus"? On second thought... who cares?


I think I just figured out what I want for Christmas.

  Posted at November 23, 2005 3:25 PM by Blogger Aaron  
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