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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Time for a Geography Lesson 

Maybe it's because my beloved team lost... but TMQ was a bit tiresome this week. I could complain about Gregg's astoundingly poor knowledge of plots from classic Sci Fi films like Star Trek, or his complete lack of understanding of the plot points in the new Battlestar Galactica, but that would frankly take too long. Instead I'll point out another bit of Mr. Esterbrook's stupidity:

Cheerleader of the Week: Mike of Overland Park, Kan., nominates Amy of the Kansas City Chiefs. A dance major at the University of Kansas, Amy would like Cameron Diaz to portray her in a movie, according to her team bio. She also reports that she likes independent and foreign movies. Hmmm, an indy movie about the Kansas City cheerleaders, starring Cameron Diaz -- I better call superagent Sid Kibbitz and pitch him! (Sid will say he loves it, which will mean he hates it.) Traditional males are urged to peruse Amy's photo gallery. Note: the Chiefs cheerleaders have been rocketing up the charts in the three key areas of dance performance, aesthetic appeal and scanty attire. Can these women seriously be from Kansas?

Actually Gregg... they're not from Kansas. You see... the Kansas City Chiefs are actually from Kansas City, Missouri. I know it's a tough one, with Kansas being in the name of the city and all. And to be fair, Kansas City Kansas is right across the river. But the football team, you know... the one you're writing about, is in Missouri. Just so we're clear on at least that.


Wow! Amy is the preschool teacher I wish I would have had...if I went to preschool.

  Posted at October 06, 2005 9:23 PM by Anonymous Sean Hackbarth  
Yeah... nothing like a good ole fashioned midwestern girl... I think I'm moving to the Show Me State to see her.

  Posted at October 07, 2005 3:24 PM by Blogger Nick  
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