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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Required Reading 

The Angry Black Bitch has heard a wake up call. Don't yell at me for the name... that's what she calls herself, so who am I to disagree? (H/T to Boots & Sabers)

Why are we moving swiftly to the blame game and not looking at our own behavior? To really change our environment don’t we have to examine all the folks playing in the pool?

Katrina needs to be a wake up call for all of us.

Liberals…before we feast on the carcass of republican moral supremacy we need to examine our own behavior. Where were Hillary, Kerry and Dean? Where are our so-called liberal leaders? That’s right…sitting in a conference room with their public relations hack trying to find the right angle on this shit. Lawd knows no power hungry liberal with an eye on the presidency would choose to speak his or her mind at a time like this! No! Better to indulge in spin and examine the polls first. Motherfuckers.

After you're done over there, make you head over to VodkaPundit where he's on a late night ramble. He's making some interesting comparisons between New Orleans and San Franscisco.

San Francisco crowds 750,000 people into less than 50 square miles at the tip of a long, skinny peninsula. There are only five ways out of town. You can take the Golden Gate Bridge north into Marin, the Bay Bridge east into Oakland, I-280 or the 101 south into the peninsula, or the BART.

After a major earthquake, something bigger than the 7.1 back in '89, and you can bet that both bridges and the BART would be closed for business. All anyone would have left is the highways.

And traffic on those roads sucks, even on lazy, sunny afternoon.

Read them both. They're well worth your time.


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