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Friday, October 15, 2004

News Oddities 

mans·siere (măn-zîr´)
  • A man's undergarment worn to support and sometimes hide large pectoral muscles and fat.
  • See bro.

According to Reuters:

Breast implants are becoming more and more popular with a surprising group of Shanghai citizens -- men.

The Shanghai Daily said on Wednesday that most of the male patients seeking implants in China's financial hub wanted to impress women, or clients, or in some cases their boss.

And here I thought man breasts were unattractive.

On a totally different subject, does anyone remember the Sex and the City episode where Samantha is babysitting Miranda's baby? Miranda has a vibrating chair that is the only thing that keeps her baby from crying, and when the chair breaks, Samantha puts a vibrator next to the baby which instantly quiets him? My favorite quote from that episode by the way is "I'm sorry, we don't sell vibrators at Sharper Image, we sell neck massagers." Anyway, apparently other vibrating children's toys are now illegal in certain areas:

Katherine Williams says the yellow ducky sponge she put on sale at a flea market is merely a child's toy. City officials say the vibrator inside makes it a sex toy.
Williams said she'll be back at the flea market next year.

"If she does, she'll be cited into court," York said. "That duck is a sexual toy, and it was on display. That was a vibrator on display in public view."

Apparently people are worried that rubber duckies were making bath time a little too fun. Give me a break.

And in today's "Duh Files"... there is a new report out in Belgium:

More men are willing to have sex with their bosses to get a promotion or a salary increase than women, according to a Belgian human resources weekly.

According to the Vacature poll -- based on 12,078 Belgians interviewed -- 12 percent of all men would be willing to sleep with their boss to try to advance their career, compared to only 1 percent of women.

Results may vary depending on the relative "hotness" of your boss I'm sure. But honestly, is anyone surprised by these findings?


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