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Monday, October 18, 2004

Dancing in the Cubes 

Back at my last client, I had this ongoing "religious argument" with one of my coworkers about the relative greatness of VB.NET vs. C#. I know, I know... we're geeks. I come from a background of C/C++ (or C/C+/C++ if you're Barnes and Noble). He is a database guy, and did lots and lots of VB 6 in his day. I couldn't be convinced of the greatness of VB.NET, and he couldn't be convinced that C# is worth anything... this despite the fact that besides the syntax difference, they're hardly any different any more.

One of the points he continued to get me on was that in the upcoming version of VS.NET 2005 (Whidbey), VB.NET would be supported Edit and Continue while C# wouldn't (even though we get better refactoring ability). Well Chuck... In your face! Announcing: C# Edit and Continue support for Visual Studio 2005. Too bad my current client is a VB.NET house... yuck.


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