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Monday, August 16, 2004

Random Thoughts 

Sometimes you just have all these little random things floating around that you think would be cool to blog or rant about, but don't feel like they are quite worthy of a post all to their own. So I collect them in the empty areas of my brain, <insert airhead joke here>, until there are enough of them rattling around to make it into a post. They do rattle by the way. You can hear them when I walk. So here are a few random thoughts:

1. I went to the lake front on Saturday to catch some sun at Lake Park and do some reading. I decided to take the "direct route" there, which takes me through some rather interesting parts of town shall we say. While at a stop light I saw a sign on a building with bars on the doors and windows. The sign read: "No Loitering or Prowling" with a city ordinance under it. No Prowling? We needed a specific ordaining against prowling? And more over, isn't prowling a specific (and worse) instance of loitering? It's really just loitering with the intent to come back later to steal stuff.

2. Once I got to the lake front I laid out my towel on the grass overlooking Lake Michigan and started reading. After a while I looked up to see a small white butterfly floating around me. It flitted around (flitted is a word - honestly), then eventually flew away. I was all of a sudden reminded of Reading Rainbow on PBS which had that as the beginning scene (though I think it was a Monarch in that case). Did you know it's still on TV? It was very serene and peaceful.

3. One day while on my way to work, I ended up behind a car on the freeway on-ramp with the coolest sticker. It was a sticker made to look like an interstate shield that had I-69 on it. The driver was an incredibly gorgeous blonde by the way. I really wish I had her phone number. Sigh. By the way... I-69 is an actual interstate. So is I-77.

4. I posted to my blog earlier, and after while when I went back, I saw this new Blogger bar monstrosity on top. It looks like this is a replacement for the Blog Spot ads. Unfortunately, it cuts off the top of my blog title. I sent a request to Blogger Support. I'm kinda pissed, caused I really like this template... especially the fact that it's not one of the canned blogger ones. Moreover, they don't have any announcement or anything on the blogger site, which is kinda weird for them. Hopefully I'll have it resolved soon.

Ok, I think those things together constitute a pretty good post. Now the empty areas in my head are much quieter. Carry on.

Update: So I heard back from Blogger... where they gave me a way to fix my little issue. I'm still not really happy about the new bar across the top, but at least I got everything looking ok again.


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