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Friday, July 16, 2004

Forget the 9/11 Commission! 

The media pisses me off more every single day. From the NY Times rumor mongoring on the front page, to their total lack of understanding in what's important. Why the hell is this the first I'm hearing about this? It's a story from the Women's Wall Street Journal about a flight she took from Detroit LA the end of last month where she describes, in detail, what I can only say is a chilling account of terrible things to come from terrorists. To be honest, it makes me wonder about a trip I'd been planning to California to visit family in October.  Terror in the Skies, Again? (More on this from Instapundit).

My question to the media is this... why is this not front page coverage? Here is an account, along with other reports that has hardly been reported. It looks like these terrorists were doing a walk through of possible suicide bombings on airplanes, and all the media chooses to cover is the 9/11 Commission and whether "Bush Lied". Forget the F***ing 9/11 commission already! 9/11 happened. It should have changed how we thought. It should have made people realize we're at war. The failures and intelligence (or lack there of) that lead up to 9/11 and the Iraq war have been more than adequately covered. Maybe adequate is a poor word. It's been over covered. We're covering it, and covering it, and covering it, and yet somehow, we seem to not be learning from it. For if all you do is concentrate on the past, you'll let the present, and the future slip away.

They still want to attack us. Fact. Not because of Iraq mind you. After all, 9/11 happened before the Iraq war, not because of it. They still want to attack us. And as those brave passengers over Pennsylvania showed us, the people at the front lines of war on terror are right here. You. Yeah! You over there, You! Yet if we don't hear about things like this, how exactly are we supposed to act, and prepare ourselves? We're supposed to stay alert to possible terrorist threats, but if the media doesn't report these things, if all they do is concentrate on events from 3 years ago, how can we prevent the next 9/11?

I see this whole thing as an epidemic in lack of personal responsibility. The left wants you to believe that you don't have to take care of yourself, or protect yourself. The government will provide for you, don't worry about that Social Security thing (It'll just be there). Guns are bad, the police will protect you. Don't look funny at that group of Arab men on the plane acting suspiciously you racist, the TSA will protect you. They can't be everywhere at once folks, so what it boils down to is this. The only person truly responsible for you... is you. Law enforcement has more and more become a group dedicated to finding people who broke the law (past tense). You are responsible for preventing people from breaking the law and harming you (future tense).

The media needs to take that into account when they report their stories so that we can all be prepared to protect ourselves if that time comes. I hope it never does, but I'm not foolish enough to let that hope override my common sense.

Update: There has been lots of talk here at Instapundit, at Michelle Malkin's, and at Donald Sensing as to whether this story is really credible. I find it curious given the slew of verifiable tiny news snippets that seem to corroborate her account on other flights, but that's just me. And of course, it doesn't invalidate the rest of what I said about who's on the front lines, and what your responsibility is.

Update II: Annie Jacobson has written a follow up piece with more information, and some emails from airline personel, and journalists.


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