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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Google Will Rule The World 

Ok, so maybe that's going a little far, but maybe not. I had this revelation today while I was searching for something, checking my Google Mail, and writing a Blogger entry. Suddenly a popup on MSN Messenger came from my sister and I realized that Google doesn't have a messenger service. I suddenly thought to myself, I bet they'll have one before the year is out. They'll probably sneak it in just like they did with Gmail. So just for fun, I did a Google search on Google Messenger. Apparently I'm not the only one with this idea.

Geek Style makes the following prediction:

  • It will use Orkut for registration and will utilize your Orkut friends list as your contact list.
  • It can also be used as a Google search representative on your desktop. So you can search in google without opening up a browser windows.
  • It can search on your hard disk content, a local search engine.
  • And also a desktop notify tool for your Gmail.

More on the Hard Disk Searching from the NY Times. You could get news alerts from Google News, selective ads from AdSense will pay for the whole thing. More on this little prediction from WebWord.

Unlike Microsoft which has pushed and bought there way to the top pissing off everyone in their wake, Google could simply sneek onto your desktop with all sorts of services. Suddenly your entire life will be searchable. So what happens when someone searches for you, and sees 0 Results? Scary thought.

Update: Eric Gunnerson says that Google is His Personal Search Engine... it's amazing how posts on similar topics just appear at the same time without any coordination isn't it?


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