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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Random Musings on a Sunday 

Musing 1: I was at Barne's and Noble last night just looking around at what might be new, and if I felt like paying for it. I saw a new Dean Koontz in hard cover, but seeing as how I still have a paperback of his to read on "My Stack", I didn't get it. I figure by the time my stack dwindles down enough it will be out in paperback. As usual, I passed by the "Current Events" table last night. I usually walk by it whenever I'm there, just to see what new drivel there is. First of all, the entire table is completely full of politically oriented books. Apparently those are the only current events that abound. Maybe that's what they think "Current Events" means, but if that's the case, then I think "Politics" would be a much better section title. But then again, given earlier problems with their section titles, I'm not surprised at this one. What was more striking to me last night however was the fact that not only were all the books political in nature, but there were far more Bush Bashing books than normal. I'd say most times when I've walked by, it was about a 75% Anti-Bush to 25% Pro-Bush ratio. I'd say that last night the ratio was up to 90/10. The 90% including the Kerry Autobiography, but interestingly enough, the Bush Autobiography was nowhere to be seen any more. I suppose that could be because it's been in print much longer and could be considered "Not Current", or maybe its just that they didn't have room for all the Anti-Bush books with that one on the table. Although they did take the opportunity to place the Kerry Autobiography right next to an Anti-Kerry book. I'm sure there was no forethought there though.

Musing 2: I'm sitting at a Starbucks this morning with my laptop, enjoying a Venti Skim No-Whip Mocha (I know, you may say what's the point... the point is the caffeine). On my drive over here I got cut off by a minivan that wasn't paying attention. Of course I honked at him to let him know that he'd goofed up, but he just waved at me like a moron. Then I saw the yellow Warning Sign shaped sticker on the tailgate of the van: "Honk! The Driver Just Turned 40!" So now anywhere this guy goes, driving like a goof ball, he'll just think people are wishing him a Happy Birthday when in fact he's leaving a trail of carnage and angry drivers in his path. Maybe if the sign said: "Two Short Honks If You're Wishing the 40 Year Old Driver Happy Birthday! One Long Honk If I Cut You Off!". I suppose that doesn't fit on the sticker as well.

Musing 3: I'm competing in my second triathlon of the year in a week at Pewaukee Lake, and I'm back into cool down mode. I've been training really hard the last couple of weeks, especially running. It's been kind of frustrating because I seem to hit a wall where I get Side Stiches that stop me in my tracks. At first I thought it was a fitness level thing, and that after while as I trained more they would go away. Nothing doing. So I spent some time Googling last week and found some really good information about them, and what causes them. As it turns out my breathing is really piss poor, and I probably don't hydrate enough during the day. I used to drink water at work all the time, but sort of fell out the habit when I started this new job in January. Well, I got back in the habit damn fast. This last week whenever I ran I made sure to concentrate on breathing, not running. As it turns out, I did a lot of shallow chest breathing, where it's actually much better to do a lot of deep "Belly Breathing". This stretches out the diaphram and keeps it from spasming, which is what causes side stiches. This coming week I'll take some short runs just to stay loose, and will definitely work on my breathing more so I can have a kick ass run during the race. More than anything else, Form is Key, in any of the three disciplines.

Musing 4: Musing is a fun word to use.


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