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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

CodeProject for Anyone 

Earlier I posted about how I use RSS Bandit to keep up to date on a lot of different sites, and do directed internet surfing. One of the sites that maintains a "What's New" RSS Feed that I track is CodeProject. Code project started out as a purely C++/MFC contribution site with reusable classes and articles on different interesting topics. As COM and ATL became more popular they latched onto those topics, and today it has become very heavy with C# and .NET. It has also grown in popularity. What has not grown however is the quality of the articles. CodeProject seperates out their Edited and Unedited contributions on their website... but their RSS Feed shows everything.

What's sad is that the unedited user contributions suck. Basically its a bunch of people who want to say that they posted something on CodeProject. Most of them are about 1 screenfull long... and are on really basic stuff like, The Difference Between int and float... or duplicate a topic that is covered in a million other places. Sometimes I wonder why I bother reading the feed. Most of the time I simply ignore all the CodeProject articles because I know they're fairly inane. I really hope that the people who maintain the site will begin to see the trend, and make some changes to the submission policies before that site falls by the wayside.

Of course... then every once in a while a nice gem floats through... like this two part article on a set of classes for using Named Pipes for InterProc communication instead of .NET Remoting or Web Services. Very slick.


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