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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Low Priority 

We are in the middle of supporting a hugely important trade show in Germany. My boss is there right now, and I wanted to send him an email about something before it slipped my mind. Of course it has nothing to do with the show, and in fact could really wait for quite a while. But I needed to send the email now or else I would completely forget, and probably never send it at all.

Then I looked up at the toolbar in Outlook and saw it... that little blue downward pointing arrow, which marks an email as low priority, and it suddenly dawned on me. I don't think I've ever maked an email as being low priority before. I rarely ever mark my emails as high priority either... but I know I've at least sent a few. I've received a lot of high priority emails as well. In fact, most of the emails I receive as high priority are not high priority at all. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I'm not sure I've ever received a low priority email from anyone ever before.

So what does that say about how we view ourselves? Do we all subconsiously look at ourselves as being more important than we are, so that nothing that comes from our email could ever be *gasp* low priority? And what is it about some people that they think that some mindless drivel they write is actually important to someone else?

I don't have a point really... just more of a thought dump. If I did have a point, I suppose it would be that people should mark more emails as low priority. Maybe I should find a way to mark my blog as low priority? Nah, its too important for that. :)


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