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Monday, April 10, 2006

Anyone Else Think This Is Kind of Funny? 

Ann Althouse is complaining that Stanley Fish's blog on is behind their Times Select firewall:

You know, over the months that TimesSelect has limited access to its key writers, I've started to skip over columns as I scan through the paper in the morning, making quick decisions about which articles to read. Maybe Maureen Dowd said something provocative, but if I can't engage with it by blogging about it, I don't even take the trouble to find out what it is.

But this Stanley Fish blog is just crazy. It's a blog. But you can't link.

Since when does Ann Althouse link to other bloggers? Granted, it's not like she never does... but it is a rare event. She links to articles and columns, and comments on those, but not really on other blogs. Who are you kidding Ann? You're a link sink, not a link source. Now then, don't get me wrong. It's her blog, and she has every right to do exactly that. It just seems kinds funny to complain about not being able to do something she rarely does anyway.


I just think it's kind of funny that anyone reads her!

  Posted at April 11, 2006 9:46 PM by Blogger Phelony Jones  
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