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Monday, March 27, 2006

A Small Note to Russ Feingold 

Dear Russ,

You are a United States Senator representing the State of Wisconsin. While I did not vote for you, I understand that you supposedly still represent my interests in Washington. Nobody voted for you to represent the United States outside of this country. Nobody. Whether you like it or not, that job belongs to George Bush. While you may want that job, you are a long way from getting it. When you have won a Presidential election, you will have every opportunity to misrepresent us in other countries.*

Until that time comes, shut up and tow the line! More importantly, don't degrade the morale of our troops fighting for all of us. If you want to become a Commander-In-Chief some day, you better start acting like you can play the part now. Do you think those troops respected you? Do you think they'll forget what you did in 2008?


An Angry Constituent


Hey Tosa,
First I'd like to start by saying...get a clue. If you were dumb enough to vote for Michels in 04 that's your own fault. Russ and the rest of congress are supposed to stand up against the president when he breaks the law. If the president chooses to ignore the laws of this country then he must be held accountable and the majority of this country would agree.

  Posted at April 03, 2006 7:49 AM by Blogger YurmaBoyBlue  
First of all... I don't speak for the entire city of Wauwatosa. My name is Nick, thank you very much.

Secondly, if you looked at the link I included, you would see that this was in context of Russ Feingold speaking in a foreign country, against our troops. I don't care what your viewpoint on this topic is, a Senator's job is to debate within the Senate, not outside this country. The President represents us on foreign soil, not Senators.

There has normally been a fine tradition of Senator's not taking the debate off our shores, which Russ has decided to ignore. While I certainly disagree with his stance IN the senate, he can certainly debate the matter til he's blue in the face there. He shouldn't be doing it in other countries as if he speaks for the entire country.

  Posted at April 03, 2006 8:20 AM by Blogger Nick  
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