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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


From The Anchoress comes the most blunt perspective on blogging and the media I've seen in a while:

But really, I'm not writing because... well, it's all beginning to feel a little futile, isn't it? The daily grind of news is essentially the same. Bush is an antiquated manly sort who is also bad, evil, incompetent, hitler, a terrorist etc, etc. How will Democrats regain power (without resorting to buying votes or engaging in detectable fraud) - because nothing in the world will be right until they do? Iraq is (is not) in civil war. It's not, really, but we want to report that it is, and so "truthiness" is the order of the day. The economy - near full employment with the strongest job market in years - is terrible.
Once the left is back in power, however, Iraq will miraculously become a stunning success story, the economy will be "booming"... oh, and the homeless will disappear again - poof! They’ve been at our soup kitchen at church through every president for the last 20 years, near as I can tell, but they don’t exist when the right party has the White House. When the right party has the White House, then the liberation of millions of tyrannized people, the opportunities for women who had previously been denied them…all of that will become newsworthy. It will be celebrated. Oprah will do a show. When the right party is in office, the thousands of recently released Iraqi documents and what they reveal will also suddenly become newsworthy and credible. When the right party is in power -when they have the house and senate - the 22nd amendment will be repealed, and the left will remain entrenched in the White House forevermore, thanks to the compliant press who will spike any news it doesn't like or which doesn't help the cause.

Yep... sounds about right. After all... the media doesn't simply report the news. They have to interpret it, and put it into the "proper context". Isn't it a wonderful service they provide? Go read the whole thing. She really is quite good. You should have her blog on your regular rotation if you don't already.


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